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Terms of Participation


This purchase for time and participation in the La Crosse Wedding EXPO 2022 is subject to the following conditions:


La Crosse Wedding EXPO agrees to:

1.  Promote Wedding EXPO 2023 with advertising that may include print, direct mail, internet and radio.

2.  Conduct Wedding EXPO 2023 on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at the La Crosse Center. Exhibitors must stay set up for the entirety of the advertised event.

3.  Provide a display area to the participant for the booth package purchased, including table/s with skirt, chairs, electricity, your logo and name placed in our vendors list in the EXPO Guide, half-off any ad placed in the EXPO Guide (when paid by September 15th), and an email lead list of registered engaged couples attending the La Crosse Wedding EXPO when contract and payment are received in full before 11/01/22.  *booths can still be purchased after 11/01/22, but the business will not be listed in the EXPO Guide.

4.  Supply the participant with an emailed list of registered brides-to-be.

5.  Provide basic housekeeping throughout the duration of EXPO, but does not guarantee the    

    participant against losses from pilferage.


Participant agrees to:

1.  Decorate the designated booth space with appropriate materials related to the products or services sold by the participant. No items from other businesses may be displayed or distributed at the show without written permission from the organizer.

2.  Provide sufficient manpower to staff the booth during the hours that Wedding EXPO is open to the public.

3.  Accept that the list of registered brides-to-be is for the exclusive use of Wedding EXPO 2023 participants who agree to not sell, lend, barter or reproduce said list. It is also agreed and understood that unauthorized use of list by third parties causes damage to Wedding EXPO, that the actual amount of damage would be difficult to determine, that Wedding EXPO may at their option pursue an action in equity to enjoin the use or seek judgment at law for $1,500 for each unauthorized use.

4.  Accept that this contract is non-cancelable. Payments rendered will be forfeited for early withdrawal.

5.  Understand that Wedding EXPO accepts no responsibility for circumstances that may force the cancellation or postponement of this event.

6.  Understand that Wedding EXPO will use the exact spelling of Business name listed above for advertising.  Wedding EXPO accepts no responsibility for misspellings and/or exclusion from advertising due to late committal.

7.  Understand that the Business listed above promises not to mislead attendees with false promotions.

8.  Understand that the Business listed above shall not assign, sublet or apportion any exhibit space in whole or in part.

9.  Pack up the Business’s booth and equipment only after the exhibit’s advertised end time concludes.
10.  Accept any injury, loss or damage, that may occur to the Business or to the Business’s employees or property as their own and not the liability of Wedding EXPO.

11.  Accept that Wedding EXPO will have the full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all contract rules and regulations contained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto, and such further rules and regulations as shall be considered necessary for proper conduct of the Show.


  • Early Bird Specials Available Through 09/15/2022: 50% Off Advertisements with Purchase of a Booth, OR 25% Off Advertisement Only Purchases

  • Payment is due upon approval of advertisement.  One month (30 day contracts) online ads cannot be cancelled.  All ads must be pre-approved. Ad start date will be pre-approved by both parties.  Advertiser assumes all risk and agrees to indemnify and hold the La Crosse Wedding EXPO and The Wedding Tree harmless for any and all suits, claims, and liabilities of any kind and damages that arise from the advertisement and any additional advertising and promotions.     

  • There are specific dimensions listed for each size of ad purchased. If you need assistance understanding these dimensions, please contact Jenna Matz ( If the final ad submitted does not match the exact dimensions listed, there is no guarantee your ad will not be cropped to fit the page size. Jenna is extremely talented and does her best to make each advertisement look stunning, but there are some limitations when presented with an incorrectly sized ad.

  • Participation in the La Crosse Wedding EXPO Guide does not secure a spot or right to distribute samples at the La Crosse Wedding Expo on the day of the event. Only the purchase of a booth allows for the distribution of samples at the event. Participation in the EXPO Guide exclusively without the purchase of a booth does not give access to lead list of registered couples.  

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