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The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Regimen 💄

Written By: Orange Pearl Salon

With so many details to attend to, it’s easy to forget about the importance of self-care leading up your nuptials. While your dress, venue, and centerpieces are all important pieces of the big day, put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Prioritizing these important items on your wedding checklist will ensure you are absolutely stunning walking down the aisle. Remember, your wedding photos will last a lifetime.

Skin: Visit an Esthetician

Every bride wants glowing, beautiful skin for her wedding day. Regular facials leading up to the big day will give your makeup artist the best canvas to work on. Your esthetician can also suggest the best skin care to reach your skin goals because let’s face it, what you do at home has the biggest impact on your skin’s overall health.

  • When: Begin 3-12 months prior depending on how much progress needs to be made

Brows: Perfect your brow game

If your brows need some major reshaping start a few months in advance with the last wax being about a week out, then hide your tweezers. If you’ve always wished you had more eyebrows, consider microblading to enhance and fill in what you’ve been given while maintaining a natural look. The best part is that you get to

keep them long term.

  • When: Begin 3 months prior ending a week out for waxing, microblading 3 months prior

Makeup: Put your best face forward

Trials will help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible and ensure you can relax and enjoy the process since the plethora of small decisions are already locked down. Avoid anything too bold if that’s not your norm. You want to look like the best version of yourself, but still be able to look back 30 years later and recognize yourself. Bring your inspiration photos as well as a photo of how you normally wear your makeup to get the most out of the appointment.

  • When: 1-2 months prior for a trial run

  • Day of: Arrive to your makeup appointment with clean moisturized skin sans any makeup.

Makeup: Skip the mascara with lash extensions

Let’s be real, you’re probably going to cry at some point on your wedding day. If you don’t think water resistant mascara is up to the task you can opt for lash extensions. They are the most natural looking lash enhancement since they are applied to individual lashes and mascara is not necessary. They last for weeks so they’ll hold up for the honeymoon too! If lash extensions aren’t for you, there are weightless individual lashes or strip lashes that can be applied to add drama for the day.

  • When: 1 month prior with a fill the week of

Nails: Invest in manicures

Everyone is going to want to see your beautiful wedding ring. Proper cuticle care and lovely polish will make all the difference. You can experiment with wild colors and nail art or keep it simple and elegant. Making manicures a priority will give your hands the attention they deserve. Consider treating your wedding party to a mani-pedi a couple days beforehand for a special treat.

  • When: Every 2-3 weeks beginning 3 months in advance with final mani 1-3 days prior

Body: Get silky smooth with waxing

If you do not wax regularly but want to have it done for your wedding, start a few months beforehand to make sure you don’t have any adverse reactions. The last thing you want is to have a reaction right beforehand (I’ve seen it happen -- eek).

  • When: Begin 3 months prior ending a week out

Body: Glow up with a spray tan

A spray tan can even out your skin tone and camouflage imperfections like stretch marks, scars, redness, and cellulite. Do a trial run a couple of days before your dress fitting to see if you like the color with your dress. Smooth skin is key to an even tan so invest in a good quality exfoliant or better yet get an exfoliating body treatment done the week of the wedding.

  • When: 2 days before your dress fitting and the wedding day

Hair: A little TLC goes a long way

While most brides immediately begin to grow their hair out when they get engaged, don’t skip regular trims. Your stylist can help you keep your locks in optimum condition, without sacrificing length. Nourishing home care is of the utmost importance at this time. There are many amazing hair care products available to give your hair the love it needs as it grows.

  • When: Trim with a conditioning treatment every 6-8 weeks

Hair: Create impact with color

Achieving your hair color goals can take time and multiple sessions. As soon as you have an idea of what you’d like your hair to look like for your wedding day, see your colorist to discuss a plan to achieve your vision. Dimensional colors add interest to any style and highlight the details in your do.

  • When: 6 months prior for major color changes and a final touch up 1-2 weeks before

Hair: Add volume and length with extensions

For major impact consider extensions. Extensions can add major volume, length and fullness to your style. They can even give you the color change you crave without the commitment. Be sure to build these into your color plan for seamless integration.

  • When: 2 months prior

Hair: Personalize your style

Your hair is your crowning glory. For the big day you want to be an elevated version of yourself, but still look like you. A timeless look will age the best -- remember the pictures will be around for years to come. You also want to be comfortable and confident with your choice. If you never wear your hair up and hate your ears, now is not the time to opt for an up style. A trial can help you nail down what will look and feel best. Go prepared with inspiration pictures that are realistic for your hair and will complement your dress.

  • When: Trial 1-2 months out

Body: De-stress and polish up

Planning a wedding is hard work and can be super stressful. Treat yourself to a massage and body scrub to help you relax and feel your best. You’ll leave feeling ready to tackle all those last-minute tasks.

  • When: Week of

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