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It's Expo Week - Let's Do This! ๐ŸŽ‰

You've bought your tickets, marked your calendar, and the time has come - IT IS EXPO WEEK! ๐ŸŽ‰ Below are some tips and tricks to feel the most prepared rather than overwhelmed when coming to the La Crosse Wedding EXPO. We want this to be a worthwhile experience for you where you leave with lots of great ideas & connections!


  • Create a Wedding Email Address: A wedding email address will help you keep all of your wedding planning information together in one account.

  • Make Pre-Printed Labels: By having pre-printed labels with your name, wedding date, and contact info (phone and email) you can enter different drawings at booths quickly.ย  Printed labels also help you to provide your information to companies that you are interested in. This handy trick makes things run much smoother and gives you more time to spend in conversations!

  • Get Your Partner to Join: While we know only one of the two of you may be the planner, it is helpful (if they are willing) to bring them along so they can see ideas that they would like to have as part of your big day as well. You are a team after all!


  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: You will be on your feet most of the time and will cover a lot of ground, so wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy.

  • Come at Your Chosen Arrival Time: To make it the best experience for you and our exhibitors, please come at your chosen arrival time for registration. That allows you the most amount of time at different booths because there won't be an influx at a specific time. You will be able to pass by each exhibitor booth with how the EXPO is set up so don't worry - you will see them!

  • Take Notes & Pictures: The EXPO can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out. You want to remember who you spoke with and whose services impressed you even if you are not ready to book right away. Most exhibitors are happy for you to take photos of their service, but it is always nice to ask.

  • Have An Open Mind: Be prepared to see ideas, inspirations, and ideas that you may not have thought of before. Take time at the different booths to check our services and how you can incorporate ones you like into your day!

  • Have Fun!: Extend the joy and excitement of your wedding day by enjoying the wedding planning process.ย  Attending the EXPO where every exhibitor is interested in knowing about your day including colors, date, and engagement can seem like a lot to take in.ย  Take the time to talk about your plans and enjoy and savor your upcoming day


  • Look over the 2023 EXPO Guide: Once you've given yourself space to breathe, take time to review the 2023 EXPO Guide or to do a once-over of exhibitors just in case!

  • Follow Up with Exhibitors You Liked: Wedding professionals are confident in their customer service and product so rather than just relying on a website or stylized photos, they are there to speak with brides in person. They want to help you achieve your dream wedding by providing a quality service.ย  Because of this, their calendars book up quickly, so if you speak with someone that you are interested in, be sure to follow up with them after the show to schedule an appointment for more information or to secure your date.

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