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Eco-Friendly 🌱 Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding


"Also known as an eco-friendly or sustainable wedding, is a celebration where the couple tries to reduce the event's effect on the environment. These days, green wedding ideas are plentiful, with more eco-friendly wedding decorations on the market and greener options for catering, invitations, and more."

Here are some ideas of how to have your big day make a positive impact on the Earth:

  • Propose using estate jewelry

  • or instead of hitting up your nearest jeweler, consider reusing or recycling a gorgeous retro ring that will be unique and eco-friendly.

  • Look for built-in decor

  • Why bring in decorations if they already exist at your venue? This will save cash for you and resources for the earth—talk about a win-win.

  • Conscious floral arrangements

  • If you are having cut flowers, choose seasonal blooms grown locally, or you can use wood flowers, silk to have at home, or rent flowers!

  • Buy a pre-owned wedding dress

  • One of the easiest ways to go green with your gown is to buy a used wedding dress. Get the gown of your dreams at a more affordable price and cut down on wedding waste in one go!

  • Resell or repurpose after the big day

  • Resell or donate wedding centerpieces or decor rather than trashing it. Want to keep a thing or two? Reuse the items in your home!

  • Have a well-informed website

  • Put as much of the necessary information as possible on your wedding website eliminating the need for extra information cards.

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