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Designing the Day 🍊

Written By: Summer Snyder, Owner of Orange Door Events

Photography By: Bear Moose and Fox Photography

The wedding boom is in full swing and 2022 is all about creating a beautiful space to experience and celebrate! While you’re filling your phone with screenshots from Instagram, here’s the pieces to look for, the trends to ditch, and what’s exciting and new.

Focus Points – Think large elements before small details.

  • Setting the foundation - If you love your venue but are looking to transform the space, bringing in lighting, rental chairs or linens will make a remarkable impact. If the budget is tighter, consider bringing in chairs, but using venue provided linens. Detail items like chargers, dinner menus, and specialty flatware are beautiful but will make less impact overall.

  • Layer the head table – Use the head table as the space where you would style the wedding if the budget was limitless – full centerpieces or hanging installations, chargers, printed menus, and intentional linens and furniture. Even if you are using the more standardized options for the rest of the guest tables, giving the head table more flair will add a lot to the room impact.

  • Insta-worthy photo ops – Give your guests a fun spot to celebrate you on social media! Depending on budget, style a photo backdrop area with anything from full floral or greenery walls to painted wood backdrops with balloon installations. Don’t forget to anchor the space with candles, floral, and of course – signage.

Trends reimagined – Taking popular concepts and elevating them into a 2022 aesthetic.

  • Floral – Instead of eucalyptus, consider darker, richer greenery like ferns or smilax vine and natural grasses. For a step further - go for the “no-greenery” look: bleached white, dried, and even black or color sprayed elements.

  • Furniture – Instead of rustic barnwood, consider more refined wood elements like turned leg or metal/wire leg tables. For a step further – try Scandinavian natural – light blonde wood or white furniture paired with rattan elements, such as chairs, lanterns, or chargers.

  • Accents – instead of sequins paired with gold, consider satin or velvet paired with mirrored elements. For a step further, consider “no metallics” using lacquered white, matte black or stone/ceramic accents.

Get excited - what’s coming up that we’re excited for in 2022.

  • Color Palettes – We’re excited to see color (and lack of) coming back in a big way! Punchy monochromatic palettes, chic black on black, and white paired with stone/taupe – we’re here for it!

  • Lounges – conversational spaces and an opportunity to create a swanky soiree vibe is so fun and a great way to add more texture, color, and personality to an event.

  • Lighting – We love a classic crystal chandelier, but we’re also loving unique pendant lighting, rattan lanterns, or full sea of lights to give a space a wow factor.

A beautiful space is a thought through space. However, in gathering inspiration and ultimately your design and décor, remember to have fun with it! Choose elements that make you feel beautiful and reflect you as a couple. Most importantly, choose a design that brings excitement for the celebration!

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